Friday, October 14, 2005

Reminder for Asha Quiz 2005

Here is a reminder on Asha Quiz 2005 coming up tomorrow.
The CNJ chapter of Asha for Education is holding their third annual trivia quiz festival at the campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.
The event runs from 9am to 4pm on Saturday, 15 October 2005. There are two quizzes, one for schoolchildren (grades 6 to 12, teams of 2) and one for adults (open, teams of 2 or 3).
Earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that both Asha For Education and AID were in the list of 10 Slam Dunk charities compiled by Charity Navigator. The charities on the list are described as being "not only tops in terms of fiscal health, but also for respecting the rights of donors". Charity Navigator is an independent organization that has been featured in the major American news networks for its work on evaluating charities.
Rank | Charity | Overall Score 
1. Asha for Education 69.82
2. Scholarship America 69.65
3. Association for India's Development 69.52
4. The National Christian Foundation 69.42
5. Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara 69.31
6. New York City Police Foundation 69.30
7. Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust 69.27
8. Jeffrey Modell Foundation 69.25
9. Westchester Land Trust 69.24
10. Oregon HEAT 69.24
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